Glossary of Terms

A short glossary of terms:

14K Gold Filled wire is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center. The jeweler’s wire gives the flexibility to do the twists and turns you see here. The tube of 14K gold gives all of the benefits of 14K gold. It is not plate – it does not wear off, tarnish, or cause allergic reactions like a plate does. And… yes, it is real gold, but it is not solid gold. There are cameos set in 14K gold filled from the Victorian era and they still look great.

Vermeil : sterling silver that is heavily electroplated with 22kt gold.

Sterling Silver: An alloy of 92.5 percent silver with copper or another metal. That’s what the ’925′ stamp on the silver means.

Fine Silver: by content is 99.9% silver.

Briolette: A pear-shaped or oval gem,  cut in long triangular facets