Client wanted a ring with two stones, one each to represent one of each child.  Blue Sapphire for the 'water' child and Ruby Red for the fiery one.  This was a surprise ring for his wife's birthday who is part Indian, so he wanted to include a lotus flower as well as engraving the birthdays of the children.  The open work on this ring is to depict a lotus petal, but we also did a small engraving on the bezel wall.  Created with CAD and cast in 14K Rose Gold.










Classic hoops on a post, to go with her Lorilei Stacking Ring.  


Simple small diamond engagement Ring


Client Purchased 15 Scarabs from Egypt and wanted to surprise his wife with a necklace using them.  I retrofitted a box clasp with an additional scarab that I purchase from the same Egyptian source.  This was all hand fabricated in 18K gold.
Here's an In-process photo and the finished product:

 IN Process